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 FULL set of PM/GM commands

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PostSubject: FULL set of PM/GM commands   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:30 am

Here is full list of EO commands for PM/GM
some of them even work with normal users..
they all are server-side.

/command (parameter) (parameter)


/pro (prof_id)

change your profile to (prof_id 10 = mage, 20 = warrior, 30 = palladin)

/kickoutcheat (number)

kick all cheaters (not tested)

/recover (durability_num)

recover equipment durability

/weaponexp (weapon_num) (exp)

give additional exp to weapon skill

/itemquality (item_num)

uplevel item quality

/itemlev (item_num)

uplevel item level


break marriage(divorce)
(command -> it's not a typo, copied from src)

/rename (player_name)

rename yourself(does not work for me)

/pk (number)

add pk points yourself

/addpoint (number)


/testmonster (type) (amount)

spawn monsters near you

/sp (sp_value)

change your actual stamina points

/awardmoney (amount)

give yourself money

/awarditem (item_number)

give yourself item


kick out (selected?) user(s)


kick out all ppl from server

/find (playername)

find the player on the map

/uplev (number of levels)

level up (adds parameter to current level)

/life (HP_value)

set your HPmax to HP_value (will not heal you, will only use your parameter as max HP)

/mana (mana_MP)

same as /life but with mana

/mapdata (x) (y)

get debug info with coordinates set.


show debug constant text(does nothing at all - only writes ACTION as system message)


100% xp skill

/xp (xp_value)

set your xp skill to xp_value (100 is full xp skill)

/awardwskill (skill_id) (skill_level)

learn warrior skill & set it's level

/awardmagic (skill_id) (skill_level) (b_save)

learn mage skill_id & set it's skill_level & set b_save(??)


add 500 points to soul, health, force, dexerity


show your position on the map

/player (map or all)

will show all players on the server or map(your account_id must be below 100)


set maximal number of players on the server

/fly (x) (y)

teleport to x,y on the map

/chgmap (map_id) (x) (y)

change map & teleport to x,y on the map


post GM broadcast

/reloadaction (action_id)

reload action_id & params from cq_action table
if no action_id is given, reloads all from action table(good for translating)

/reloadmagictype (magic_id)

reload whole cq_magictype table or only id when specified.

/attach (status) (power) (seconds) (times)

attach status (needs more research)


show current status variables(wired with /attach)


show all MercenaryTasks

/task_new (task_type) (t_detail) (target_name) (prize_money) (rank_req)

creates new task(needs more research)


deletes last created task(wired to task_new)

/magicattack (magic_type_id) (player_target)

cast spell on target

/chgpos (x) (y)

simmilar to /fly

/callpet (eudemon_id) (seconds)

temporary summon pet for ammount of seconds.


show your ID


hatches all the eggs. (credit: crazydude)

more of them may not work(because they are only enabled in debug mode)

Freedom to play.
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FULL set of PM/GM commands
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