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 NPC Translator APP by funhacker

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PostSubject: NPC Translator APP by funhacker   Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:39 am

Since I notice alot of people trying to sell translated databases and this app only took me about 10minutes to make I thought I should share it with all of you.

Place in your clients ini folder or copy your npc.ini into the same location as the NPC Translator.exe run the NPC Translator.exe
Wait untill it closes.
Open the npc.sql file now in the same directory.
Copy all of this.
Paste into a console or query through navicat or mysql itself
Let it run all should be translated exactly like the npc.ini shows.

At the moment this only does names and will only check up to a certain amount and is still a little slow since it is done to check for over 5000 different npcs.

Coding: By me
SQL Coding translation: By me
Loadscreen - Forcer (used for ACME client)
Icon - TQ (used for EO soul.exe)

click here to download
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NPC Translator APP by funhacker
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