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 Register Script

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PostSubject: Register Script   Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:44 am

Here is a register script. Just extract this to your www folder. Only edit the config.php.
All the instructions are inside of config.php.

And for register page to work you have to run apache.

If CAPTCHA dont work got to your apache folder and replace the php.ini with this one. Then go to task manager and end all apache processes. Then re-run apache, and you will get about 6 errors, just press ok on them. Its supposed to happen.

Oh and if your a new and dont know how to get to register page go to


Or if you want to give reg page to others use

h.ttp://put ur ip adress here/register.php

Just dont put . after h on h.ttp
Thanks would be appreciated :]


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Register Script
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